Thursday, September 1, 2011


This is a festival celebrated by many of us in all the states.Before marriage i was in Mumbai where this festival is celebrated in a grand manner for 10 days.In Chennai,each house must be celebrating but not grand like mumbai.My husband usually does this pooja and i make all the neivediyamsand distribute to my neighbour.We always buy small coloured pillayar,wear dhoti decorate it with some ornaments and flowers.On the next day I drop it in the well.
The neivedyams which I made this year were,Sweet modakam,Ellu modakam,salt modakam,Appam,Vadai,Sundal,Idly,Payasam,
Outer covering:
Rice -2cups
Pinch of salt
soak the rice for 3-4 hrs.Drain the water and grind it to smooth flour(dry).Microwave the flour for 2 minutes.This hint was given on t.v.and the dough turned out to be very well.Heat the water and add oil and salt,make it into asmooth dough.

COconut scrapings -1cup
Jaggery-1/2 cup
Take the coconut and jaggery in a kadai and heat it on a medium fire till it becomes dry add the cardamom.Shape the dough in to modak shape and steam it.
Ellu stuffing:
Fry 1/2 cup of sesame seeds till it splutters.Add 1/4 cup jaggery and blend it into a powder.Add cardamom powder.Shape it to along shape and stuff this ,steam it.
Salt stuffing:
Urad dal-1/2 cup
Green chillies-2
Curry leaves few
Salt to taste
Coconut-1/4 cup
Soak the urad dal for one hour and grind it  coarsely.Take a kadai add the oil,mustard.After it sputters,Add this mixture make it like usli.Add coconut.Make a round shape of the covering ,add the stuffing then close it like a triangel.steam it.
This is a recipe from my is the link.
Urad dal-1cup
Green chillies -2
Curry leavesfew
Salt to taste
Oilfor frying
Soak the dal for 2 hrs and grind it to smooth batter,adding the chillies,hing,salt and curry leaves with out adding water.Make  round shape and fry it in oil.
Soak the black chana overnight and pressure cook it for 4 whistles.Drain the water and Take a kadai add one tsp of oil,add mustard,curry leaves,When it splutters,add the chana,salt coriander powder,chilly powder.hing.Add ition of coconut can also be done.
We make Idly with raw rice.Soak raw rice-2cups with one cup of urad dal and grind it to a smooth batter.Allow it to ferment and make soft idlies.


  1. Happy Ganesh Chathurthi Nirmala :)

  2. Everything looks absolutely divine..Happy Ganesh CHathurthi wishes..

  3. Your Ganesh Chaturthi spread looks superb! I did modak too today and will be posting my version later.. Thanks for stopping by :o)

  4. Nice dishes. Hope u had a good time

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