Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Thank you PRIYA SURESH for hosthing this monthly Shhhh secretly cooking challenge.This month my partner is VEENA SHANKAR.My two secret ingredients were THINAI and SUGAR.I used both and made a HALWA
Thinai flour-1cup
Sugar-11/2 cups
Rose essence-1tsp
Cardamom powder-1tsp
Almonds sliced-2tbsp

Take the flour in a microsafe vessel and fry for a minute in microwave oven.
Pour 2cups of water and cook for 10 minutes.
Add the rose essence and cardamom powder.
Now add the sugar and cook for three to five minutes.
Please Stir it after one one miute so that no lumps are formed.
Now add four tbsp of ghee and cook for two minutes .
Fry the almond slices in the remaining ghee and add it to the mixture.
Now transfer it to a ghee spread plate and cool it .
We get a good slices....
Tasty and healthy HALWA is ready...