Sunday, October 19, 2014


.This Shhhh secret ingredients challenge hosted by PRIYA SURESH is very interesting....This month my partner is AMRITA IYER and the two secret ingredints were Spinach and cheese.I just tried like our dhokla turned out very well.Thanks to Amrita for the lovely ingredients....

Spinach-boiled -1cup
Besan-3/4 cup
Rawa-1/4 cup
Cheese shredded-1/4 cup
Redchilly powder-1tsp
Cumin powder-1/2tsp
salt to taste
Eno salt one sachet
Lemon juice-1/2tsp

First take one tsp of oil and saute the spinach and add the cheese ,chilly powder,cumin powder,salt and sugar.
Mix the besan and rawa well  add this mixture and make it like idly batter with water
Take a flat micro safe vessel and just dust it with oil Now add the eno salt to the mixture and immediatly transfer this to the micro safe vessel.
Cook in high microwave for four to five minutes and once it is done take it out and  sprinkle lemon juice mixed with 2tsp of water so that is fluufy even when cooled.
Very tasty spiuncah squares are ready!!!!