Friday, October 29, 2010


  1. (      This entry goes to Srivalli's breakfast mela.  


Greeen chillies-3
Cumin seeds-1tsp
Green gram sprout-1cup
Soak the sabudana for nearly 8hrs.Boil the sprout with little salt for two minutes.(only sprinkle water for boiling)Now in a kadai put some oil,fry the cumin seeds,add split green chillies.Fry the groundnut and powder it coarsly and then add it to this mixture.Add the sprout and saute it for five minutes in a very low flame.Those who want to add the potato( boil it and smash it before adding) or onion may do so.You can also sprinkle some lemon juice in the end.
This is a very healthy tiffin for all age groups.Usually maharashtrians have this for their fasting.
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Beet root eggless cake

wheat flour-11/4cup
sugar         11/4 cup
(boiled andsmashed)
baking powder-11/2 tsp
 oil 1/3cup
vanill essence-1tsp
cashew nut little
cocoa powder-1tsp
Method: Mix the oil and sugar till it is little fluffy.Add the beetroot mixture toitMix the flour,baking powder and cocoa powder well.Mix both together add the essence too.Now bake it in the oven at 210degrres for thirty minutes.Add the cashews on the top before baking it.
Good snack for the children as some don't like the beet root like a curry.

Monday, October 25, 2010


                Preparation time: 5min
Method: Mix besan,powdered sugar well in a microwave bowl.Heat the ghee for 1 min and this to the moxture.Keep the bowl for 1 min.add the milk and mix it with a spatula.Keep it in the oven foe 1 min.If you want this to be slightly brownish you can keep it for 30 sec then spread it on a greased plate.After cooling cut it to desired shapes.
Even after the arrival of the guest we can prepare it and serve hot.All the ingredients are our daily needs.