Monday, May 9, 2011


Papaya pulp-1/2 cup
Mango pulp-1/2cup
Seedless grapes(few)
Milk         -2cups
Rose milk essence-5drops
Sugar        1/4 cup

Take the papaya pulp,mango pulp and the grapes Blend it in a mixer to a smooth paste with some milk.Add the sugar and the remaining milk and churn it well.Add the rose milk pink essence.To garnish powder the almonds coarsely and refrigerate it.The milk shake is very attractive because of the pink colour and excellent taste.It is a very tasty drink for summer ..
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This post also goes to Kid's delight hosted by Srivalli As we know it is Summer season in many places inIndia and the kids are enjoying their holidays,it is very wise to give them something colourful and tastydrink which provides them with many nutrients.
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This entry also goes to SUKHAM COOLERS.As every one knows papaya is very good for health as it provides many vitamins to the body.Almonds are good when we use them daily a few since it rpovides as an anti oxidant.This is good for all age people even the diabetist and the heart problem peopleMilk is rich in calcium which si good for the bones.Sweet grapes are a watery one which is very cool to the body.Thus on the whole this cooler is very much suitable for all.
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