Wednesday, April 6, 2011

FIRST AWARD!!!!!!!!!!

Very excited to get this award from ARCHANA .I don't know how to thank you.Thanks a lot!!!!!

This award wants me to write seven facts to introduce about me.
The seven facts about me are;
1 I am a mom of two darling children who are fond of sweets.
2  I try lot of sweets on my own as well as browse many blogs.
3 I worked in a school for twenty years where my friends use to encourage me for more new items.
4 I am interested in hand embroidery ,knitting painting etc which is encouraged from my mom.
5 I like to sing and try to learn many new songs.
6 I like to visit many restaurants and try many new dishes..
7 I like window shopping and dressing

I am passing this to the following people
Gayathri anand-kavithavin kaivannam
 Padhu-padhus kitchen
 Pavithra-dishes from my kitchen
 Prema-premas thaligai
Priya-easy and tasty recipes
Padma and Rekha-Plantain leaf
Renu-Renu's kitchen
Dhanya ganesh-My home kitchen


1.Accept the award. Post it in your blog with the name of the blogger who has given u this award with a link to his/her blog.
2.Pass it on to 15 other blogger friends.... to keep the ball rolling.
3.Let the nominated blogger know about their award [leave a comment in their most recent post

4.Write 7 facts about u


  1. Congrats on your award and wishing you more such awards .Thanks a lot for passing on to me

  2. congrats on your award..well deserved